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  • Kinesiology

    People of all ages, from babies to the elderly, at whatever level of ability or fitness, can benefit from Health Kinesiology.

    Each body has its own BioEnergy systems, which can become blocked or disrupted.Energy is all around us and can have a positive or negative effect on us. Negative things can include injury, emotional and psychological trauma and nutritional issues.

    Health Kinesiology was developed by Dr. Jimmy Scott in the 1980’s, originating from principles stemming from the ancient Chinese art of acupuncture and from Applied Kinesiology as used by Chiropractors and Osteopaths.

    In a Health Kinesiology session gentle muscle testing is used to find disturbances or disruptions in the BioEnergy system. Gentle but powerful techniques are then used to restore and retune the energy flows.  This enables the body to regain its natural state of wellbeing.

    What I have found through my training and practise is that, whatever the symptom or concern, the route to wellness and balance frequently involves work on all levels including physical, emotional and nutritional support.For a more in depth discussion about the benefits of Health Kinesiology and how it could help you, please contact me.



    Find out more about what an Health Kinesiology session involves

  • Emotional Freedom Technique

    After some years as a Health Kinesiology practitioner the opportunity arose to train in Emotional Freedom Technique and I find this a great additional way to release negative emotions or limiting thought patterns. EFT works really well in combination with HK, and can also be used effectively as a stand alone procedure.

    After discussing the relevant issues with you, I will tap a series of acupressure points while guiding you safely to think through problematic feelings that come up. The tapping technique is easily learnt and I will encourage you to use it regularly in your own time between sessions with me.

    EFT can be highly effective in releasing negative thought patterns and can assist you in moving on in your life, leaving behind limiting emotions.

    To read more about EFT please go to the EFT UK website or contact me to talk more about how EFT could benefit you.

    Emotional Freedom Technique
  • Brain Gym

    I have completed an introductory course in Brain Gym – the foundation movement programme of the Educational Kinesiology system.

    I am currently seeing clients as case studies in order to practice the techniques. Once I have completed the requisite hours I will continue with the training in order to become a qualified practitioner. I have had great results with both children and adults and see the potential for Brain Gym to become a wonderful addition to my way of working.

    Many of the exercises and activities recall the movements naturally made in the first year of life when babies learn to coordinate their eyes, ears and hands with their whole body.

    These movements encourage integrated and coordinated movement, bringing real improvement in learning and potential for children and adults in their daily life and with specific challenges they are facing.

    You can find out more about Brain Gym and Educational Kinesiology at

    Brain Gym
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Jess Haslett

Jess HaslettWith over a decade of experience, treating clients in Brighton & Hove using Kinesiology and Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT), I offer my clients truly holistic and effective treatments on their path to wellness and balance.





Initial Consultation: 90 minutes


  • Follow up sessions
  • 45 minutes: £45


Initial treatment: 45 minutes


  • Follow up sessions
  • 30 minutes: £25

I am taking a break from Kinesiology until early 2021. I will certainly miss all my wonderful clients, and working from the beautiful Tree of Life Centre. Please contact the Clinic Reception Team on 01273 220159 to book with an alternative practitioner.