Jess Haslett


Before I was introduced to Kinesiology, my only experience of alternative or complementary medicine was Osteopathy which I had following a back injury in 1999.  With the help of the Osteopath my back pain reduced considerably but I still had a niggling ache which persisted despite ongoing treatment. During one session, the Osteopath suggested trying Kinesiology and sure enough, the ache in my back soon disappeared.  I was intrigued and felt I had to find out more about Kinesiology. I enrolled on an introductory course and, over the next six months, studying at weekends, I realised the scope of this amazing therapy.

I took a part-time advanced course in Health Kinesiology (HK) over a four years, whilst I worked full time in a housing charity, and qualified as a practitioner in 2004. I continued to work at the charity, building up my HK business at weekends, and changing to part-time as things progressed.

I now have three young children and, having taken redundancy at the charity in 2013, I am delighted that my HK work enables me to work part time in a job that I love whilst also being able to spend quality time with my family.

Mumpreneurs Networking Club

In January 2017 I became manager of the Shoreham Mumpreneurs Networking Club. Having gained so much from networking over the last few years I am so pleased to now be a manager and welcome others to this professional, fun and friendly group.

Qualifications and insurance

As well as being a Registered Practitioner and member of the Kinesiology Federation, I am a qualified Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) practitioner.   When appropriate I will combine EFT with Health Kinesiology and as such can offer my clients a truly holistic and effective treatment on their path to wellness and balance.

I am a fully insured, comprehensive insurance with Balens, and undertake approved training and continuous professional development:

  • HK – basic
  • HK – advanced
  • Brain Gym 101
  • Kinergetics Unit 1
  • Kinergetics – RESET
  • Lamberts 1 day Seminars

For a more in depth discussion about the benefits of Health Kinesiology or EFT and how I could help you, or your family, please do contact me:

I am taking a break from Kinesiology until early 2021. I will certainly miss all my wonderful clients, and working from the beautiful Tree of Life Centre. Please contact the Clinic Reception Team on 01273 220159 to book with an alternative practitioner.